What To Do When Realizing That You Are a Lesbian?

What to do?Many lesbians are not born this way, realizing during their lifetime that they have difference preferences and that they do not enter the pattern designed by the society. Even if lesbian dating is not a taboo subject anymore, many persons that think that they may be lesbians don’t know what to do about it. They don’t know how to react when they realize it, don’t know how to come out, or how to find the right partner. There are many lesbian singles out there, of course, but one needs to be sure about her feelings and vision over life in order to make the right choices.

To start with, let us talk about what it means to be a lesbian. You see, if you are a woman and like how another women looks, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a lesbian. Being a lesbian means more than that. It means to feel attracted to another women emotionally and physically, such feeling being normal, just like in the case of straight couples.  A lesbian will not feel any attraction of having a relationship with a man, although they can try because their family and community consider such relationships as being normal. In fact, there were women that were married to men, just to realize later on that they prefer women better. When it comes to being a lesbian, there isn’t a particular social category of women that fit in better than others. Lesbians come from all sorts of cultural backgrounds, have various financial statuses, careers, and so on. S, practically, any women can be a lesbian, if this feels right for her.

How can you tell if you are a lesbian? Well, first of all, you will always feel attracted by women. Usually, such an attraction starts at rather young ages, like from elementary school, although at that age you don’t realize what these preferences mean. So you see, it is not just about physical attraction, because at that age a woman is not physically developed and does not look sexy. It is more about looking for companionship among persons of the same sex as you. Instead of having a crush on a boy, a lesbian will have a crush on a girl. This works pretty much the same way in the case of lesbians, the gender of the partner being the only difference in this equation. So how about lesbian hookups? You won’t be able to move to this part unless you accept the fact that you are a lesbian and that there is nothing wrong about it. Many successful women are lesbians, so if they can do it, you can do it as well. Still, it is highly important to know that you are okay, regardless of your sexual preferences, and to know that this is normal and that you do have a right to be happy.

What if you are confused about it? Some women may be attracted both by women and men, so if you feel the same, don’t worry about it. Until deciding whether they are exclusively lesbians, some women will try having both types of relationships. What you need to know is that sexuality develops in time, so if you are not decided just yet, you will in time. Just follow your heart, do what you think it is best for you, and never end up in compromising situations just because you have to or people say that it is the right thing to do. Always accept what makes you happy and avoid what is upsetting or uncomfortable for you.

I am a lesbian.If you feel that you fit better in the lesbian group, do know that this is normal, although you may have to face some prejudices. Many people believe that women decide to be lesbians for the fun of it. They don’t realize that being a lesbian is not just about sex. Many lesbian singles are looking for long term relationships, just like anybody else does. Affection, trust, respect, support, they are all part of a relationship between lesbians. Of course, there are women that turn to lesbian dating for fun, but it is not hard to tell them apart. Usually, they are interested in lesbian hookup, without promising too much for the future. In fact, there are online dating sites for lesbians only, where you can meet women with the purpose of having fun or even starting a relationship. But, if you decide to have sex with another woman, do make sure that you are protected and stay on the safe side.

It is true that sex between two lesbians does not happen as in the case of straight couples, but that doesn’t mean that you are not exposed to sexually transmitted diseases. When getting intimate, there are risks to get viruses that can trigger such illnesses, especially if you don’t know your partner for long and if she didn’t do any recent medical tests. If you decide to be together for a long term, medical tests that will indicate that both of you are okay will give you some peace of mind. But if you are just looking for fun or have a partner you don’t know for long, using protection is the way to go. There are special mouth protection pieces, like a dental dam or another latex barrier, for oral sex. Also, if you have a scratch or rash on the hand, wear surgical gloves if you intend to stimulate your partner with your fingers. Also, always wash your hands afterward. And, in case you decide to have sex with a man, it is always best to use a condom.

So, as you can see, things go pretty much in the same manner in the case of lesbian dating as well. If you realized that women are more attractive for you, if you don’t feel just admiration but also love and sexual desires when thinking about a woman, then you may be indeed a lesbian. And if you want to be happy, it is best to accept who you are and know that you are normal from all points of view.