You Are Going To Date A Lesbian Partner — What’s Next?

coffee dateYou’ve decided to try a dating site you may have noticed how many choices there are. You certainly aren’t going to lack for dates when you take your search online. There are many lesbian singles who are looking for that one lesbian hookup, or even to find that special lifetime companion. But you can’t just tap someone on the shoulder and say “you’re it”. It takes time and effort to find quality lesbian singles for you, no matter whether you have short term or long term romantic intentions.

Chances are you’ve already signed on for a lesbian singles site. You may have set up a profile and added some great photos of yourself. Perhaps you’ve had time to connect online with other singles, but your thoughts are “what’s next?”

Many people may be hesitant in the next step, yet to simply do nothing defeats the purpose of wanting to have a companion in your life. Doing nothing means that you continue sitting on the couch every night and watching the “L-word” or other lesbian comedy shows. The more you’re alone, the more you’ll pity yourself.

So, what is the next step when online dating? It’s the coffee date. The coffee date is suitable, no matter what your intentions were for dating. It doesn’t matter if you wanted a one night lesbian hookup, or you want a companion to go out to events, or you’re looking for a spouse, you need to start at the beginning.

You must also consider personal safety. Even if it’s another woman you’re meeting, you should never agree to a sex date at a hotel or their place until you’ve had a chance to talk to them and get to know them first. Be sure to also let a friend know where you will be.

A coffee date offers a short opportunity to get to know your potential lesbian partners. Most people say they can tell if they like someone within five or ten minutes of meeting them. A coffee date is also short, so if you find that you can’t stand the date you met through a dating site, that you can quickly leave. Then it’ll be back to the dating site for you.

lesbian kissShould you decide you both like each other, you can spend an extra hour at the coffee shop to get to know each other. You can make plans for future dates together, and get to know each other better.

You can’t expect to always connect with every single you meet. Otherwise, you’d already have a bunch of dates set up from your chance meetings in public. The more important finding another lesbian is to you, the more time you should dedicate to your lesbian match search.

It can take time and effort to find the right person. But once you do, then all that effort will have been worth it. And if you have fun with your lesbian dating experience, you never know where else it may lead after your first coffee date together.