Top 5 Cities in US for Lesbian Dating

Although discrimination still exists at some extent, the Unites States is considered by many to be one of the best countries for lesbian dating. It has a wide array of lesbian-friendly cities, making it more likely that lesbians will be able to find a date. With this, if you are looking for some of the best places in the country for dating lesbian women, keep on reading, and we will let you know which city you should be visiting.


Northampton In 1992, The National Enquirer dubbed it as Lesbianville. One of the reasons why this is on the top of the list of cities for lesbian dating is because same-sex marriages are allowed in Massachusetts. Most of the lesbian visitors can be seen hanging out around the university areas, as well as in Main Street and Crafts Avenue. The intellectual and vibrant atmosphere of this city is perhaps one of the main reasons why it is ideal for lesbian singles.


Portland This city is Oregon is another staple in the ranking of the best cities for dating lesbian women. The tradition of personal liberty in Portland is a paramount reason why it is well-loved by lesbian singles. Free speech is one thing that you will surely enjoy in this city. For eco-friendly lesbians, this is also a good place because it is one of the greenest cities in the country. The southeastern and northeastern parts of the city are where most of the lesbians can be found. They are often hanging out in Alberta and Hawthorne Boulevard.

San Francisco

San Francisco The list of the best cities for lesbian dating will not be complete without a mention of San Francisco. A leisurely stroll at the Golden Gate Park will already give you an idea that this is perfect for lesbian singles. One of the gayest cities in the world, the LGBT community makes up 15% of the entire population of San Francisco. Some of the most popular spots include Lexington Club, Wild West Side, and Trax.

New York City

New York City The cosmopolitan city of New York is another best city for lesbian singles. Regardless of your personal background, there is a place for you in New York. Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan are the boroughs with the largest concentrations of lesbians. When it comes to hangout spots, on the other hand, you can see lesbian singles at Metropolitan Avenue, Jackson Heights, and Park Slope.


Atlanta Known as the queer capital of the south, this Georgian city is hard to rival when it comes to dating lesbian women. Some of the most popular spots include Outwrite, a popular gay and lesbian bookstore, and My Sister’s Room, a well-known lesbian bar. There are also large pride parades, which gather gay and lesbians not only from Atlanta but from other cities as well.