How to Tell If She’s a Lesbian?

Is she lesbian?My friend Cameron is a 32 year old, 6”2, athletic, handsome, successful guy. He is constantly searching for that perfect girl who is smart, pretty, athletic, and have a great personality. Every time he gets excited about a girl, he brings her home only to find out that she swings for the other party. Sometimes I wonder if his gaydar is defected or out of order, but he often disagrees with us. We took him for a challenge, and brought him to a bar and ask him to pick a girl that he would find compatible. There were a lot of girls in the bar that are very straight by our standards, but he manages to pick the obvious lesbian in the corner. He kept insisting that she is straight, but after conversing with the girl, the secret gets exposed with the usual last line: “I would love to go to a party with you, let me check if my girlfriend Hannah is available.” Then Cameron asked with a confused quizzical look: “when you said girlfriend, you mean a girl that is a friend of yours right?” Then he got a big “no, she is my significant other,” and the whole connection is ruin.

He comes home to realize that he has wasted his time on the wrong girl. It’s not that they aren’t nice, pretty, smart, or funny, it’s mainly because they don’t like men. These girls would push Cameron away just to get to me, his galpal. I also feel bad for my other friend Irene, a lesbian who is searching for the girl of her dreams, but would always find herself drooling over a straight girl. She can never quite spot a lesbian despite being one herself. I felt bad for their misfortune and decided to come up with some ideas and equations to help them spot a lesbian so they can avoid another awkward encounter.


Fashion is a great way to help you differentiate between the gays and the straight. If the girl dresses like a guy or a tom boy, there is a chance that she might not be as straight as you think, but it’s still not one-hundred percent definite. You would also have to look at how they wear their outfits as well. Some straight girls love a fashionable suit and tie, but if they wear them like Ellen Degeneres, then she is most likely gay. Another example is a baseball cap which can be a fashionable, sleek accessory that girls of every aspect love to wear. If the girl wears the cap backwards or sideways, then there is a good chance she might be a lesbian. Keep in mind that a very well-dressed girl, who have a great sense of fashion and hot jaw-dropping apparel may not be very straight as well. This is a classic example of a lipstick lesbian or bisexual, someone like Angelina Jolie. That is why using fashion alone is not a good strategy for detecting these special ladies, you will also have to consider another component like hair style. A girl wearing a military cut, mohawk, or a Justin Bieber hairstyle is 80 percent gay. Another thing to note is that not all straight girls with short hair are gay, but if you do see one, make sure to check if she uses a lot of hair gel. If she does, then she is most likely a lesbian. Straight girls with short hair usually prefer to use hairspray or they would let their hair flow freely. If you combine both fashion and hair style, it can definitely help your intuition to differentiate between a lesbian and a straight girl.


A straight woman usually crosses her legs when she sits down and walks with her back straight and chest pointed out. They want to show their most feminine side for attraction purposes. When a lesbian woman sits down she usually spread her legs wide open like a guy. She would have her shoulders pointed inward to reduce the appearance of her chest. Plus when they have conversations, they tend to have very active hand gestures. However, that is not enough because there are straight women out there with bad posture and moving their hands constantly as they speak. We should also observe how she interacts with other straight females in the room. A noticeably gay woman is usually involved in lesbian groups and they tend to focus their attention towards individuals of the same gender. You will also notice that your lesbian friend would prefer to flirt with a female rather than a male. Lastly, we have to pay close attention to the conversations. Usually, a gay woman will have a great time conversing about sports, tools, same sex marriages, other gay celebrities, and are sensitive about gender related subjects. Another thing to keep in mind is that she would use lesbian slang such as Doris Day, fish and chips, beat, bean flicker, andro, boi, etc. If you notice any of these slangs, there is a possibility that she would prefer a woman over a man.


Nowadays people are more open about their sexuality so differentiating a straight and gay woman is easier than it is in the past. In the past, people kept their sexuality hidden to prevent social and cultural judgement and issues. However, not everyone will openly admit their sexuality, so it’s a good idea to have these strategies under your sleeves to avoid any mistakes or awkwardness. These strategies can help you come close to guessing the correct sexual orientation, but your gut intuition is always the best option.If you have a gut feeling that the girl is a lesbian, then most likely she might be despite the lack of factual evidence. Unfortunately, what we don’t realize is that our intuition comes from our subconsciousness, an area that contains valuable information that we barely touch or notice. There could be a time that you have seen a movie involving a lesbian woman, and your intuition could tell you a girl is gay because she resembles that character in the movie. This is why it’s a good idea to combine both intuition and strategies to help you reach a definite conclusion.