STDs – Lesbians Should Never Ignore

What is STDs?

Lesbian STDsYou may wonder what is STDs. Let’s take a look at that first.

Infections that can be transferred from one individual to another by sexual contact is widely known as Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).Chlamydia, Syphilis, Genital herpes and Gonorrhea are some of the popular STDs. But the most popular STD out of more than 20 identified types of STDs is HIV/AIDS.

Most people believe that STDs can be transmitted for women who have sex with men only. Let’s take a deeper look at this question. Also some STDs have a stronger effect on women rather than on men infected with STDs. Therefore you’d be surprised to know that bacterial vaginosis is the most known SDT that is spread among lesbian singles. Hence, STD rates for lesbian sex dating is twice as higher than normal women. By normal women we refer to heterosexual women.

Majority of the STDs need something to penetrate that can act as a microorganism depositer. Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, HIV, and hepatitis B are among them short listed STDs which falls into the above mentioned category. Scientifically this can be described as bacteria being inside the semen or during coitus the eruption from the urethra are transmitted. Another easiest method for a lesbian single to get infected via another lesbian could be a result of exchanging their sex toys with her girlfriend. Although there  is a possibility, lesbians rarely get infected.

While the case or Chlamydia is as such, HPV is different as it can easily be spread through skin to skin contact. A wart on a penis quite easily can mean that there’s a possibility of shedding the HPV virus. By unprotected sex with the female cervix, simply meaning not use of a readily available condoms or other protective measurements it can be spread from skin-to-skin contact. Oral sex can also help spread this disease for lesbians. This can also happen the other way around as well by the wart on the cervix infecting the penis through open-unprotected sex. And yes, to be reminded sex toys can easily be carriers of this disease and infect the lesbian partner. If they want to use sex toys, recommended approach is to use condoms on top of the sex toys as it increases safety then.

Lesbian dating can happen through either serious dating or through lesbian sex dating with single lesbians and bisexuals who have sex with men and women both. WSW is largely identified as lesbian, and they might have sex with partners with both genders, or only with ladies.

While academics are still working hard to find out the rates about STD for lesbians, it’s time to do our research on the information at hand to come up with accurate conclusions. So far these international research centers have been capable of discovering that lesbians can somewhat transmit STDs between each other. It is surprising to note that exclusive lesbians  are at a higher risk of getting infected for few STDs such as genital herpes etc against the women are straight.

Let’s explore why lesbians have a bigger percentage at getting infected with one of the two genital herpes. HSV -1 commonly known as Herpes simplex virus type 1 are the most oral herpes infections whichis responsible for infecting fever blisters and cold sores. HSV – 2 also known as Herpes simplex virus type 2 cause most number of genital herpes infections as per statistics. Regardless, HSV-1 can also transmit infections to the genitals by using oral sex. Therefore it is very critical to understand what should be avoided and what is accepted in an environment like this.

Now I would like to draw your attention to a sometimes casual but sometimes a very important questions for both single lesbian dating couples and straight dating couples. Since same sex couples need not worry about this much, we can ignore this question if we’re looking at exclusive lesbian sex couples. Women who are heterogeneous, tends to therefore take this lightly and ignore this situation when they consider having sex with pregnant women. Scientifically it is proven that all women of any sexual orientation must annually test for STD through the centers for disease control and prevention. Therefore it is wrong to assume that women do not need to use protection when having sex.

Lesbian CondomOral genital contact or skin to skin genital contact can transmit STIs such as human papillomavirus from an infected lesbian single to another lesbian. It should be noted that warts can be transferred by few types of HPV by cervical cancer can be infected with lesbian contact.

If the partner who’s giving oral sex has open cuts or sores in their mouth, especially if the receiver has menstrual blood present in other words going through her periods or there’s vaginal blood present, this therefore increases the odds of passing down hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV. Syphilis transmission is possible with women who have lesbian sex , most probably by oral sex, including gonorrhea.

Penetrative sex toys which are shared between lesbians shall be noted seriously to not ignore these information, as it allows women to pass infected secretions which become carriers for gonorrhea, trichomoniasis HIV,chlamydia and bacterial vaginosis.

What can lesbians therefore to perform protective sex and reduce the risk of spreading STDs? It’s not that hard. Women have to take a simple brave step to get tested for STDs remembering that all women are potential for STD infection. If you test positive please get tested for STD and get yourself treated for the good of your own and your loved ones as you not only protect yourself but reduce the risk of spreading through your actions.

Women can get used to doing protective sex more often after reading this article.Simple acts such as changing the condom if you intend to share your sex toy with your partner once you have finished using it can be a good first step.