How to Tell if Lesbian Women Are Serious Online?

lesbian couplesOnline dating can ease the effort of trying to find other lesbian singles to date, but often it’s difficult to separate the serious from those merely online to entertain themselves. Sadly, it’s those one or two women who seem to ruin online dating for everyone. But there are signs that the person at the other end of the net is truly serious about dating. It’s best to notice the signs of a woman who isn’t serious, before you experience disappointment.

Dedicated dating sites are often the best choice for lesbians who want to date. The other options are regular dating sites that have a section on the site for woman who are seeking woman. Unfortunately, the site can’t really screen out men who may trolling the site, nor even women who are doing it for fun either. At least if you’ve on lesbian website, the chances are greater that the other women on the site are also lesbians, and thus are more serious about dating.

Most sites offer a messaging or text feature that allows you to send messages to other interesting lesbian singles. This gives you a chance to see what someone else is like and whether they’d be interested in meeting up with you. Even if your potential lesbian partner is serious about dating, they may also be wary.

The best bit of advice is that you’re going to have to expect to send hundreds of messages through the system until you can determine that your intended may be the best person to meet up for coffee. Remember the more work you put into it, the greater the odds that you find someone.

There are also ways to discern when you’re messaging with someone as to whether they are serious or not. If you are asking questions, are they answering, or are they responding with something off-topic? Are they being evasive? When you ask if they’d be interested in meeting for coffee do they say that they’re not sure, yet they continue to message you repeatedly?

online lesbian datingAre your potential dates asking for more? A good first date should always be out in public, and should be of a short duration. A coffee date is the perfect first date. The risk is minimal, and should you both like each other, you can take it to the next step with a real date.

If other women are hesitant about meeting up, you may wonder why they are even on a dating website. After all, that’s its purpose—hook up singles with other singles. If you wanted to merely chat with someone, you could do that in a forum or at the bar.

Some other signs that women may not be serious about dating are from the types of questions they ask you. Silly questions may be as to what you are wearing, or sexual questions.

Use your intuition when you’re on lesbian websites. Don’t waste your time with those merely seeking lesbian entertainment — stick to your purpose and soon you’ll find a real woman to date!