Tips for Lesbians Rejecting a Man

lesbian woman reject a manLesbian singles are no different than any other woman, so yes, they can be feminine and beautiful. A man will try his charms on a lesbian, not knowing that she does not prefer men. If you are a lesbian and faced such tricky issues, you may know what the subject is about. The following tips will help you turn down a man with diplomacy, in case he will try to win a date with you. You won’t have to say out loud that you like women and not men, because this may not work, as the guy will think you are running practical jokes on him, of women looking for women as an excuse to ditch him. Just try these and see which works best.

  • Be honest about your disinterest

Instead of telling him you are a lesbian, you could just let him know that he is not interesting you, because this type of honesty makes more sense to a guy. It’s not like you have to give him an explanation, as it is enough to tell him that he is not your type. After all, you are looking for a lesbian partner and not dating a man.

  • Do your best to make it clear

You may encounter men that can be quite persistent, not knowing how to take a no for an answer. They may think that if they hang around you, you will finally notice that you like him, so such a man might try more than once to take you on a date. You need to be clear about the fact that you don’t like it and that there isn’t a chance to like him in the future as well. You may also want to let him know that his behavior is irritating you.

  • Tell him you dislike him if he insists

Telling a guy you are starting to dislike him and that if he insists on the date thing you will end up hating him, usually scares off even the most insistent men. So if he wants to still be able to say hi, he should stop what he is doing at once. Be firm and don’t show your soft side, like trying to be gentle with him, because some men would see it as an open window to try again next time.

  • Avoid him if nothing works

lesbian women reject menIf none of the above works, then perhaps it is time to avoid him, and make it obvious that you are doing it. Maybe he will understand that you hit rock bottom and you can’t stand his proposals anymore. If he ends up asking you why you avoid him, just tell him that it is the only thing that you’ve got left to do to get away from his insistence.

  • Do not talk with him alone

If he is in the circle of your friends and you will stumble across him now and then, it is wise not to allow chances of him speaking to you alone. If he gets you alone for a chat he may start thinking that you favor him in the detriment of other guys, so he will try to go even further. Even if he asks you to talk in private, refuse him and do not give him the opportunity to do so. Tell him that you will do that only when you know for sure that he won’t be hitting on you.