4 Tips for Lesbians Creating a Successful Online Profile

lesbian profileYour success in the online dating community can only be as good as the effort that you put into it. While searching for your perfect match is a big part of the experience, so is promoting yourself so that others will be just as interested in you.

For many people, creating their personal profile is hands down the hardest part of the experience. Are there even words that really describe you? How do you best say it? Here are some tips for creating a profile that will entice other ladies and warm up your love life.

#1 The Picture

Whatever you do, don’t skip this part. Your profile needs a picture, and it needs to be current. Nobody wants to connect to the generic silhouette in the picture box. They want to connect with you instead. Let’s be honest, even though looks aren’t everything, we like to have some idea of what the person on the other end looks like.

For your main profile, choose a picture that highlights your smile, preferably taken in natural sunlight. No sullen faces or duck lips. Also, avoid pictures where you are one of several people in the photo.

#2 Fill in the Blanks

Take some time and fill in all those boxes with meaningful text that gives just enough of a tease to tempt the women on the site. Be honest, keep it real but a little flair and kookiness is great to break the ice and the monotony of profiles that all sound alike.

#3 The Subtle Brag

Is there something interesting in your life that could be used as in icebreaker? Have you met a personal idol or famous person? Have you taken an exotic vacation and saw things that most of us only see in pictures? Do you have a unique hobby or achievements that highlight your personality? Don’t be afraid to put them out there, just keep it light and spread the focus around to more than just this one tidbit.

#4 Keep It Positive

Isn’t it better to be attracted to each other through similar likes rather than dislikes? Only mention dislikes if they are absolute deal breakers, such as you won’t consider dating a smoker, someone who has had a previous straight relationship or other lifestyle habits that are off limits in your book. Keep your other “dislikes” to yourself for now. Keep the tone of your headline and intro light and save the heavy stuff for an actual relationship.