My Lesbian Online Dating Story

I always felt that I was different from the people around me, although I couldn’t point out the lesbian coupleexact thing that made me different when I was very young. In my teen age, I noticed that difference. While my girlfriends were talking about the boys that interested them in high school, I realized that no boy there manages to make me feel like they used to feel. I couldn’t find that degree of attraction with any of the boys. On the contrary, I felt more attracted to some of the girls around. But how could I tell one of my girlfriends in the group that I like her? She would have seen me as a freak. It was always quite difficult for me to find a partner, because very few lesbians have the courage to come out.

I had many moments in which I felt lonely. It was not like I could just walk into a café bar and hook up with a woman I liked. In the world of lesbians, things don’t work like that. The world is talking about tolerance while people with different views over life struggle to live decently and enjoy the things that make them happy. This is why I didn’t have too many partners. In fact, I don’t even know if I can call them partners, since our relationship was more one of friendship than something more. I never thought I would end up looking for someone to share my days with online, but it seemed like the best way to go. I couldn’t believe just how many lesbian dating sites are online and how many lesbians are there. Probably the idea of trying to find a match in the privacy of your home, where no one can judge you, won over so many people. Also, you can know for sure that at least a good part of these people have the same point of view as you do, when it comes to personal life. Of course, I didn’t expect for all of them to be honest and have good intentions, because we do not live in an ideal world and some may be here for lesbian sex.

So yes, I signed up on such a lesbian dating website, hoping that at least I would make some new friends, who could understand the way I am because they were lesbian singles as well, if not even find a person with whom I could spend a good part of my time. The thought of having someone near, for good and bad times, was very comforting. I started chatting, without putting too many hopes in this site. I knew I had to be prepared for disappointments as well, which were a rather common occurrence in my life. One day, I met her; just like in the same manner I met the other persons online. We started chatting about this and that, like two strangers who try to get to know each other better. I thought about her more as a friend, because I promised myself not to get in love too soon, because you never know who you may find on the Internet. But, slowly, I realized that I enjoyed talking to her, because we had so many things in common. I waited for that moment during the day when I was finally home, being able to log into my profile and chat with her some more.

We used to spend so many hours chatting, especially during the weekends, without ever getting bored. There was always something else to talk about, discovering even more passions that we shared, never running out of subjects. Time passed this way and the idea of meeting her face to face was appearing more and more often in my mind. I wanted to see if she is indeed as great in real life and she seems to be online. We complimented each other and always admitted just how great it was to talk, but none of us had the courage to make a date proposal. I started wondering if she really wishes to see me or will she settle for a virtual relationship only. I was definitely not going to get involved in such relationships, so I decided to try and meet her, because I would never know if she is the right one without seeing her for real, in front of my eyes. But, I also had to be prepared for two things. The first thing was going to be her refusal of meeting me in person. And the second thing would be the fact that she is not as I imagined or as she tried to be online.

Still, I had to know if I had a chance at building a real relationship with her. So, one day, when I was in a great mood, I asked what if we meet and grab a coffee together. To my surprise, she said yes, admitting that she kept wondering whether I was going to ask her out, since she was the shy type. We set up the date, time, and location, and waited anxiously for that day to come. At least I was anxious, as I can’t tell how she felt. Finally, the day came and we had to meet for coffee, just as we settled. I was both happy and nervous, because I wanted so much to find the same person I found on that dating site. I arrived at the location we picked and she was already there. She was much more beautiful than in the pictures and with every passing minute I discovered the same warm and open-minded person I met online. I thought to myself that those dating sites are not useless after all. I could finally hope to enjoy a health relationship with a person that could understand the way I am.

That day was incredible and I will always remember it with great joy. She is still in my life, because we form a happy lesbian couple now. I can say that I was lucky, finding out such a great person on the Internet. There are risks, of course, but I think that more lesbian singles should try this solution out, if nothing else works for them.