Why Are Lesbian Couples More Stable Than Gay Couples

lesbian coupleIf you are familiar with communities of gay people, you will notice that lesbian couples are usually more stable than gay couples. This means that couples composed out of women tend to last longer than couples made from men. Why is this happening? Aren’t men capable of love and understanding? Well, yes, they are, but women are more attracted to create a stable nest where they can feel safe and comfortable, and they are also readier to protect this nest, no matter what. Most certainly the differences between lesbian and gay couples are due to the differences between women and men, the way they set their priorities, and the way they choose to live their life.

When it comes to women, even if they are lesbians, they prefer to find a partner for a long run, not looking just for fun as it may be the case of men. Lesbian dating is usually more about finding a partner that will be ready to accept you and take you as you are, so you can form a long term couple and build things together. Women have a bigger need for stability in their life; this is what makes them so eager to find a person that will stay with them longer, even for the rest of their days. Also, they are more forgiving and tolerant, being more open to turning the other cheek and work hard to make things work. If a woman is determined to make a relationship last, she will do whatever she can to make things right. Let us not forget that women like to talk about the things that bother them. So when a lesbian couple has a problem that problem will be discussed in a timely manner, before it will degenerate into a fight that can produce a breakup. This is how women are built, this aspect coming in they favor even if they love the company of a person of the same sex.

gay coupleMen, on the other hand, in most cases, are not trying hard enough to make a relationship work. In their opinion, if the relationship doesn’t work, they end up breaking up instead of trying to make things work. Of course, there are exceptions as well, because men are capable of falling in love, of loving someone very much, and of dedicating their time and effort in a relationship. But they do not know how to communicate and listen as well as women, which can lead in time to bigger problems. They will not sit down, enjoying a coffee or hot chocolate, to discuss the things that are not working out in their relationship. Also, when it comes to forgiveness, they are not doing so well either. When they are betrayed or lied to, men usually take this as a personal offence, forgetting about tolerance and allowing their male ego to take over.

So, as you can see, the success of the lesbian couples, in comparison with gay couples, depend very much on the way women see life and the sacrifices they are prepared to do for a warm and secure home and relationship.