A Large Puzzle to Lesbian: How to Date a Girl?

woman date a womanBoy-Girl relationships are the norm the world over. Every cute couple you come across meets this description. They are littered everywhere. At the mall and at the park, you will find boy-girl couples spending time together. Well, even at your own home, boy-girl relationships seem to be the only thing people care about. After all, you yourself are a product of such relationships. You are, therefore, made to believe that the only way to relate intimately is with a member of the opposite sex. So you try these relationships out. You date a couple of boys at school and in your neighborhood. The relationships are not all that bad after all, boys are fun. The day you bring your first boyfriend home everyone is excited. They say you make a cute couple and your folks start picturing the two of you at your wedding.

You date for a while but the relationship doesn’t excite you anymore. It’s not that the sex is not good or your boyfriend has been cheating on you. In fact, the sex is great and your boyfriend happens to be the rare faithful type. On the surface, you have the best relationship in the world but deep down you are yearning for more. What could be wrong? It’s all a mystery to you up until you find yourself fantasizing about girls. Oh! No could you be a lesbian? You tell yourself that that cannot be true. After all, you have been on a constant diet of adult cock all your life. You push this thought to the back of your mind and continue with your ‘straight’ life. The more you try to ignore this feeling the harder it becomes not to think about girls. You are mesmerized by the thought of being with a girl. Every time you see a girl you picture her naked and in your arms. It then dawns on you that you love girls and want to be with them. You end your straight relationship and officially declare yourself a lesbian.

Lesbian dating

In your mind, you thought that finding love in the lesbian field would be easy. How wrong you are. Lesbians are not that open like gay men and are, therefore, hard to find. Where do you even find lesbians to date? Is that chick you are eyeing even a lesbian? These are some of the questions that new lesbians ask themselves. Previously, you didn’t have to struggle to attract boys. They just came and your task was simply to sort them out and find the right one for you. Well, here you are a lesbian and no one seems to notice you. It can get quite frustrating and overwhelming especially for newbies. Fortunately, for you, we have compiled valuable tips to help you find a great lesbian hookup.

Where to meet GIRLS

Lesbians, unlike gay men, are quite elusive. You won’t find lesbian parties being advertised openly and this makes lesbian dating especially difficult. Lesbian bars are also not that common. This makes lesbian dating sites as the best option for lesbian hookup. The key to succeeding in such platforms is a great profile. Describe yourself well and make it quite clear what you are looking for. Do you want a long relationship or are you after wild sex and a brief hook up. Upload a smiling photo of yourself as this makes you out to be welcoming and accommodating. It is also advisable to upload full body image of yourself. This is helpful since your potential mate will know in advance what they are getting themselves into. It can be quite frustrating for your date to decide that the date is over the minute the two of you meet simply because you are not what they expected you to be.

The first date

lesbian couples in bedFirst dates are usually difficult no matter the type of the relationship. It is particularly difficult for lesbian singles dating for the first time. What do you even say? Where should you go on the first date? These are some of the questions that you have as you plan your first date. To make your first date a success, you have to make an effort to understand your date. From your chat, try to figure out what they like and what they don’t. Do not go overboard with the date and do not come out as cheap either. Be considerate and take things as they come. One of the key lesbian hookup blunders that you can make is taking your date to your favorite hangout. It may seem like a great thing to do since you want them to know the real you but when you take her to your favorite spot, you are practically introducing her to your friends and family. This is not wise since you are not sure if the relationship will work out.

On the first date, you are tasked with coming up with conversation topics if you are the one who made the first move. This can be hard if you are not the talkative type but at least try to make the date chatty. You should also prepare to pay the bill when the check comes. She may offer to pay half the bill but insist on paying it since you are the one who asked her out.

The Sex

Sex is a key issue when it comes to lesbian sex dating. How long should you wait before hitting the sack? Should you wait till after the proverbial third date or should you do it the minute you end your first date? Well, it’s all up to you and what you expect from the relationship. Hitting the sack too soon could spell the end of your relationship and waiting too long makes you out as less liberated. If you see yourself spending the rest of your life with this wonderful lady then it’d be wise to wait a little bit longer as you get to know each other but if you are in it for the thrill then you can go ahead and have sex right after your first date.