Do’s and Don’ts While Lesbian Dating

do's and dont'sLesbian dating can be more difficult than straight dating — it’s difficult to find suitable women for dates, and the big date night still makes you feel nervous. Will she like you or hate you? And most importantly of all, will you like her, and will she be as fun on a date as she is when you first talked to her?

Here are some do’s and don’ts while lesbian dating, in order to have the most enjoyable experience possible with your lesbian singles. It doesn’t matter if you want only a coffee date, or lesbian sex, the rules are the same.

  1. Choose dates away from your usual scene. Depending on where you live and work may depend on how cool lesbian dating is in your area. But you should never mix personal life with business. Choose lesbian singles away from work, even if that cute woman in the IT department has been giving you the eye.
  1. Ensure she understands it’s a real date. Not only is this important, because you want to go on a date with a single and available woman, but because you want to let her know the purpose of the date. You also don’t want to make her feel uncomfortable if you’re on the date and you want to hold her hand or give her a little kiss.
  1. Lesbian DateHave a comfortable first date. This is not the time to bring your date over to your parent’s house, or invite to a house party, especially if your friends don’t know you’re gay. Choose locations that will make you both feel comfortable. Cafes and restaurants are always great first-date locations for lesbian singles.
  1. Don’t talk about past relationships. It doesn’t matter if you’re dating men, or you’re dating women, you should respectfully avoid talking about your past partners. You can briefly mention that you’re single, separated, or divorced, but save the long explanations for several weeks in advance, should you wish to continue seeing her.
  1. Turn off the devices. You should be focusing on your date, and not your smart phone, tablet, or computer. Turn off these devices after your date arrives, that way you won’t be tempted to look at them, as you won’t be receiving alerts. If she looks at hers, then politely ask for her to turn it off.
  1. Avoid getting drunk. If you’re at a location that serves alcohol, stick with one glass of wine, not an entire bottle. This also gives you an easy out, should you find that you’re not getting along. You won’t have to waste an entire bottle of wine if you need to leave quickly. You also don’t want to have to worry about what you said to her the next day, as you try to make it past a hangover. And not remembering lesbian sex won’t be any fun at all.

If you remember to keep lesbian dating funny and enjoyable, your lesbian date will also have an enjoyable time. Make her feel comfortable and keep to light topics of conversation. You never know, you may just find a companion for the more enjoyable things in life that you can’t do by yourself, such as lesbian sex!