Should I Date a Lesbian Who Had Got Married?

women looking for womenWhen we start dating someone, we are interested in finding that person’s past. Why? Because we want to learn more about that person, based on their past experiences. Still, is this the right way to find out whether that person is good or bad? We all make mistakes, so our present selves might not reflect the persons we once were, because we also learn from our mistakes. So, should you date a lesbian who was once married? The answer would be why not. If you manage to establish a good connection with that person and you seem to be on the same wavelength, the past should not be too important. But, do be careful and try to know that person as much as possible before getting involved into a serious relationship.

There are women that get married because they believe that this is what they want. After a while, they discover that it was only a pattern inspired by society or the environment in which they grew. She may end up being miserable in her marriage, because she finds herself attracted to women, rather than men. It takes some time and courage to admit to yourself that you are different from the majority, and that your preferences are difference from what the people around you may have. So, some lesbians end up getting married before they realize that such a life is not the right one for them. Also, there are women who were married, but were so disappointed by their experience, of a relationship with a man, that they change their mind completely about their sexuality, feeling more comfortable and secure in the company of a woman.

So yes, there are lesbian women that knew they were somewhat different, but needed time to admit to themselves the truth, and women who turned to being lesbians, as it is a more convenient lifestyle for them. But, as a general rule when it comes to lesbian dating, you should try to find out as much as possible about your date and potential long term partner. There are lesbian singles that had failed relationships because they were violent, had issues with alcohol, drugs, or various other behavioral problems. These problems are more common in men, but there are women who may have them as well. You just need to be sure about who you are dating and if that person is the right person for you, no matter what problems she had in the past or not.

Lesbian women can get very attached to their partner and beautiful relationships can start between two women with the same lifestyle choice. So, you shouldn’t care too much if she was married, as long as she is treating you right. Still, do try to find out what happened, in a diplomatic manner. If you find out at the first date that your lesbian date was once married, don’t ask her right away about it. Wait to know each other a little, and then try to open the subject, as smoothly as you can. Find a right moment to have this conversation, when she is comfortable enough to tell you about it. Getting these things straighten out will only make you know and trust each other more.