Lesbians: No Dating With a Bisexual Woman Who Likes Men Better

lesbian dating bisexual womanLesbians are unique due to their lifestyle, as they prefer the company of women exclusively, not agreeing men at all. Bisexual women, on the other hand, are different because they accept both women and men as well. So, in theory, a lesbian and bisexual woman could date, but it is not recommended. If lesbians start dating bisexual women, they risk getting their feelings hurt. Why? Because a bisexual woman can always break up with a lesbian and turn to a man, if she feels more attracted to him. A lesbian woman will never do so, because she doesn’t feel anything connected to men, so the game is not played the same on each side.

If you are looking for lesbian sex dating, you could make compromises and date bisexual women, although this is not without risks. Because bisexual women hookup with men as well, they might be very different as lovers, as they might not have the same point of view of a lesbian over life, so misunderstandings may appear. It is best to only stick to lesbian dating, especially if you want to find a partner for a long-term relationship. As a lesbian, it is not recommended at all to fall in love with a bisexual woman, because of the reason stated above. She may change her mind at any time, feeling more attracted by a man, leaving you broken-hearted. Most bisexual women date other women for fun, and not necessarily because they are in search of a stable relationship. They end up having such a relationship with men, in most cases.

lesbian women datingSo, if you agree on dating a bisexual woman, even if only to have fun and enjoy diverse experiences, you should also take the risks coming with your decision. You may end up liking this woman, from a lesbian’s point of view, and she may not wish to see you again or have anything to do once the evening is over. Dating bisexual women can be fun, but it is risky if you end up being emotional involved with such a person, especially if she admits liking men more. Lesbians and bisexual women don’t really match, because their vision over life is different. While lesbians embraced a lifestyle that is only for women and with women, bisexuals like this lifestyle because of its diversity, allowing them to have multiple experiences.

You should know very well what you want from life and you should respect yourself well enough not to allow others to take advantage of you. Be careful when choosing your partners, if you don’t want to meet disappointment. Even if you are a lesbian looking for fun, stick to lesbian sex dating. No one will ever understand you better than another lesbian. Try to avoid bisexuals that can be found on dating sites, because they are mostly there because they are in search of fun and short-termed relationships. An experience with a bisexual woman will never last, not for a lesbian, because the conceptions of how life and love should look like do not match.