Avoid the Interrogation on Lesbian Dating Sites

Dating Lesbian OnlineIf you’re a lesbian who is ready to get back into the dating pool, you may be searching the net for the best lesbian dating sites. These sites will help make it easier to connect single lesbians to you. Once you get online for your lesbian hookups, you may be ready to start sending messages to potential dates. Many people don’t know what to say when they send messages. But whatever you do, don’t be creepy.

It’s best to begin with simple introductions, and ask people how they’re doing. It’s the same as IRL—in real life—when you meet people, you introduce yourself, and ask how they’re doing.

If you’ve ever tried online dating for any length of time, you may have been subject to “the interrogation”. This is when someone has a long list of questions that they wish you to answer. Perhaps you’ve even subjected someone to this long list. It’s quite ridiculous when you think about it.

How exactly can you determine someone’s worthiness for dating by the way they answer a list of questions? And remember that people type differently than how they would verbally answer these questions.

Most people by the tenth question will suddenly become annoyed, and start making joke answers. If the answers are so important, it’s best to keep these questions to only a few, and leave the rest for a coffee date.

It should be assumed that when you’re on a lesbian singles dating site that you’re both lesbians, and you’re both single. There should be no need to answer a questionnaire too.

That questionnaire that you have at the back of the mind, or in a Word document on the computer should stay where it resides. Sure, you can draw from these questions, but it’s rather rude to copy and paste it into an online chat session and expect someone to answer all the questions.
It’s also quite impersonal. And you can imagine how it may take you half an hour to fill out, only to never hear from them again. Who thought that lesbian dating could become so serious?

date lesbiansSo, let’s say you’re happily chatting away with another woman on a dating site and she decides to play the long interrogation card. Just decline. Say no thanks, you don’t want to fill out a long questionnaire. You don’t mind answering a few questions during a chat session, or even meeting for a coffee date, but you’re not going to be subjected to the impersonal interrogation.

If they realize how silly they’ve been, then that’s great, you can continue with your online messaging. If they’re offended, then they can go and subject another lesbian to their interrogation and leave you alone. You really don’t need that stress in your life!

While you may be serious about dating, you don’t have to act so serious about it. Lesbian dating should be fun. It should never be a chore, stressful, or seem like you’re undergoing a court interrogation. Stick with it, and soon you’ll be meeting other fun lesbians like yourself.