Lesbian Dating Guide - 2017 Best Lesbian Websites Reviews

If you are a lesbian who is looking for only the best lesbian only dating sites then you have come to the right place! Top5lesbiandatingsites.com is a dedicated review site for lesbians only. Our aim is to make online dating easier for all lesbians out there by reviewing all the best lesbian dating sites to find out what their particular strengths and weaknesses are.

Online dating has exploded in recent years, so much so that it really is hard to find anyone who has not either tried it or is still doing it. With so many huge bonuses to online dating, it is hardly a surprise that it is rapidly becoming the preferred choice of so many. Lesbian singles have benefited enormously from these sites too, particularly as dedicated lesbian dating sites mean that there are now places where you can find 1,000’s of women, all of whom are lesbian. For many of us, this seems like heaven on earth! The problem is that with so many lesbian websites to choose from, finding the best one takes a lot time and money. That is why we set out to do all the work for you.

Our dedicated teams of reviewers test all the sites that we review in order to give a first-hand and honest account of what we find. In all of our reviews, we weigh up factors like membership options and costs, the number of members, site effectiveness, and the range of features that they offer to try to give you the clearest possible picture of what you are getting. We aim to make our reviews stand out from our competitors through a combination of our honesty and paying attention to all the little things influence whether overall, a site is good or bad.


#1 Match.com

It is known to all that Match.com is the largest dating site in the world. But do you know that about 24% of the 20,000,000 female members choose the “Looking for Women” option in their profiles? Thus, Match is also the world’s largest lesbian dating site. Match.com has been proven to be efficient and appreciated lesbian website though it is not yet a professional dating site made exclusively for lesbians. ..


#2 AdultFriendFinder

AdultFriendFinder.com is probably the most famous adult dating site in the world. It was always friendly for all the LGBTs, obviously, being one of the reasons it became the world’s largest lesbian sex site. With millions of lesbian singles joining all the time, it is very easy for a lesbian to find a local hookup here. It is definitely an online paradise for lesbians, making you want to spend an entire day here. ...


#3 LesbianPersonals

One among the top lesbian dating sites is LesbianPersonals.com. It caters to lesbians who are looking for hookups, passion, romance or affairs in a discreet manner. It is an international female only dating site, but most of the members are from the United States. One look at the lesbian website and you will notice that most members are interested in casual affairs only, instead of long term relationships. ..


#4 PinkCupid

Even though it was only published in 2006, PinkCupid managed to become the most famous lesbian dating site in the world, due to its professional services and a platform designed to be used exclusively by women. Unlike Match.com, PinkCupid only allows women to join the website, which gives it its unicity. Also, in comparison with AdultFriendFinder, it focuses more on building stable relationships. ...


#5 PinkSofa

There are very few websites on the market that have been made exclusively for lesbians. PinkSofa.com stands out from the crowd not just because of its unconventional name but also due to the fact that it houses an amazing set of features that have been customized according to the likes and preferences of those seeking a lesbian mate. The site came into existence in 2003 and has grown steadily over the years ..

Why Online Dating is The Best Way to Build Lesbian Relationship?

The strange thing about online dating is that it is actually talked about as though it was dating someone entirely online. In actuality, a better name for online dating would be online meeting. These dating sites are primarily a way to meet people online and to get to know them a little before you actually start real dating.
Meeting fellow lesbians out in the world can be a little tricky at times as there is no way of knowing who is lesbian and who is not. Since according to a recent survey, around 40% women have expressed at least what could be termed as a curiosity towards lesbian dating, there is a reasonable chance that any women you meet in person might be interested. The great thing about dedicated online lesbian sites is that all the women you meet on the site will be looking for other women, meaning you can concentrate on just getting to know them to see if you like them or not.

See it as an adventure

If you have not already tried out online dating then there is no time like the present. Too often we let our fears and prejudices control what we do. The image of online dating being only for desperate people who stand no chance of finding someone in real life is long gone. A staggering 95% of Americans surveyed in a recent poll admitted to using online dating at least one time in their life. The simple fact of the matter is that the huge benefits of online dating vastly outweigh any negatives, which is why you should get online and start to meet new people today.

What’s the worst that can happen?

Even if the worst happens and you meet someone you don’t like, it takes only seconds to block undesirable contacts or indeed to delete your account. You are under no obligation to meet anyone in person and who knows, you might just find that like millions of other people out there, that online dating is the tool that really changes your life!